Gear List – February Mountain Goat

My next adventure is to Terrace, BC, to photograph a friend’s February mountain goat hunt. This is a 4 1/2 day hunt and we’ll be living out of our backpacks. It’s likely going to be COLD!

Below is my full gear list for this trip:

Camera Gear:
Canon 6D body
Canon 6D backup (leave in rental vehicle)
Canon 7Dmkii body
Canon 70-200mm f2.8L IS II
Canon 24-70mm f2.8L II
Canon 16-35mm f2.8L II
Rokinon 14mm
Canon 50mm f1.4
Intervalometer w/extra AA batteries
Phone Skope
Phone Skope bluetooth shutter release
Gitzo Tripod with Oben tripod head
Swarovski 95mm spotter
Cotton Camera Chest Harness with side holster
2X Lens Coats
Filter Kit
    – Polarizers – 77mm, 82mm
    – 2 Rubber Band for removing stuck filters
Cleaning Kit
    – blower (put in pants pocket)
    – lens pen
    – Zeiss cleaning wipes
    – lens cloths (put one in pants pocket)
Extra Memory Cards
    – formatted
Canon batteries – 10
1 wall charger
USB battery packs – 2
    – iPhone cord
    – Micro USB cord
Sitka Stormfront Jacket
Sitka Stormfront Pants
Sitka Stormfront Gloves
Sitka Gunner WS Gloves
Sitka Timberline Pants
Long Underwear
    -zip offs
Sitka Kelvin Lite Jacket
Sitka Kelvin Down Hoody
Sitka Kelvin Lite Pants
Socks x 3
Sitka Merino underwear – 2
Sitka Beanie
Sitka Neck Gaiter
Sitka Fanatic Hoody
MR Marshall with Daypack Lid
    – side case for headlamp
    – flip top box for food
La Sportiva Trango Boots
Outdoor Research Gaiters
Grivel G-12 Crampons
Black Diamond Carbon Whippet
Northern Lights SnowShoes
Survival Kit
    – inReach w/charging cable
    – emergency headlamp
    – emergency bivy
    – fire starter
    – compression wrap
    – Quik Clot
    – 8 ibuprofen
    – 3 AA lithium batteries for headlamp
    – lighter
    – Pepto tablets
    – iodine tablets for water purification
        – Nuun tablets to counter the taste
Mammut X-Zoom Headlamp
Hand warmers – 4
Hilleberg Niak Tent
    – sponge to combat condensation
Sleeping Bag – Valandre Bloody Marry
Thermarest NeoAir
Monte Bell Sleeping bag cover
Down tent slippers
Camp saw
Extra Lighter
Foam butt pad
Titanium Spork
GSI Fairshare mug w/lid
1.5 L Nalgene
1L Platypus
Yeti Mug
4 x mountain house meals
Honey Stinger Waffles – 16
Other bars – 16
Clif Shot bloks – 4
Clif Shot Gel – 4
4 tuna packets
2 ramen packets
Starbucks instant coffee – 4
1 quart bags of trail mix
8 instant oatmeals
5 Peanut butter packets
Local apples
Glasses case
Toiletry Kit
    – Ibuprofen
    – Cold Medicine
    – Pepto tablets
    – tooth brush
    – tooth paste
    – floss
    – Q tips
Pocket sized notebook/pen
Knee Brace
TP – for wiping, fire starter and to put in boots at night to draw out moisture.
Travel Gear:
Noise Canceling Head Phones
Travel Clothes
    – jeans
    – 2x shirts
        – 1 merino
    – 2x socks
    – 2x underwear
    – Patagonia R1 Hoody
    – charger
    – WD Silver portable hard drive
    – SD/CF Card Reader
Travel toiletry kit
    – mini deodorant
    – pepto
    – cold medicine
    – ibuprofen
    – Theraflu Day/Night
    – Airborne
    – Zycam
Download Podcasts
Download new Audible Audio Book
Sitka Drifter Duffle 95 – Checked
Mystery Ranch Misson Duffle 90 – Checked
Mystery Ranch Invader Computer bag – Carry On
Pelican 1510 Case – Carry On

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