Gear List 2018 – BC Mountain Goat

In preparation for a February mountain goat hunt, below is a list of everything I’ll be taking. This is an 8 day hunt. 7 of us will be going. We’ll access a remote drainage by boat, hike in with snowshoes, tow sleds with additional gear, setup a basecamp with an 8 man Kifaru Tipi tent and wood stove. Then we’ll hunt out of there with one-man tents on our back incase we need to camp out on the mountain. Last year I was on a similar hunt and trying to burn wood to heat our tent was like trying to light a stick that had been submerged in a river for days then thrown into the freezer, it would not burn! So this year, we’ll bring up fire logs cut down to size so they’ll fit into our Kifaru stove which should allow us to heat the tent, dry gear, boil water and cook. The snow is deep and the temps are cold as. This will be a type-2-fun trip and I’m stoked!

Human emotion is most prevalent when the conditions suck, which is photo gold! Not to mention we all have to push far beyond our own comfort zones on trips like these. When you’ve survived and thrived on such endeavors, you learn a ton about yourself and how capable you really are, which is incredibly rewarding.


British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunt

Gear List

Food Calories/Day
Freeze dried (Humble Foods and Mtn House) 600
Trail mix 400
Beef Jerky 160
Protein Powder 150
Pro Bar 390
Clif Shot Gel 100
Clif Shot Blok 180
Builder Bar 270
Other Bars 180
Honey Stinger Waffles x 2 300
Honey Stinger 10g Protein Bar 180
Tea/coffee/hot drinks 100
Total 3010
Camp Accessories
Fairshare Mug for freeze dried meals
Jetboil w/fuel
-Lighter for Jetboil
Titanium cup w/lid. For boiling on wood stove.
Yeti Mug
Wet Wipes
6L Dromedary bag
1L Nalgene
1.5L Nalgene
Kifaru 8-man Tipi tent
Kifaru large box stove
Kifaru snow stakes
Kifaru tent liner
Tyvex ground sheet
Hilleberg Enan tent
-sponge for combating condensation
Valandre Bloody Mary Sleeping Bag
Monte Bell Event bivy
North Face tent booties
Therma Rest Neo Air Pad
Sitka Kelvin Down Hoody
Sitka Kelvin Lite Pants
Long underwear bottoms Merino
Long underwear bottoms Synthetic
Sitka Stormfront Jacket
Sitka Stormfront Pant
– Will wear stormfront pant with long underwear. No traditional pants.
Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters (or new Sitka Stormfront Gaiters)
Fits/Farm to Feet socks
Sitka Neck Gaiter
Sitka Merino baselayer top
Kelvin Active Jacket
Core Heavyweight Top
Coldfront Gloves
Sitka Blizzard Mitts
Sitka Kamchatka Hat
Sitka reversible beanie
 Sitka Merino boxers
Kenetrek Mountain Extreme w/400gr thinsulate
Grivel G-12 crampons
Northern Lights Men’s Elite Snowshoes
Mystery Ranch Marshall (soon to be Stone Glacier)
Kifaru Sled
Black Diamond Whippet wrapped with electrical and Duct tape
Headlamp w/spare batteries
Handheld light w/spare batteries
Emergency Kit w/charged battery brick and cable for inReach
Toiletry Kit
Wiggy Waders
50 feet of rope w/climbing caribeaner
Camera Gear:
Swarovski 95mm spotter
Phone Skope
Sirui Tripod
Sony a7riii x 2
Shutter release
Zeiss Batis 18mm lens
Zeiss Batis 25mm lens
Zeiss Batis 85mm lens
Sony 70-200 lens
90mm macro lens
polarizers and ND filters (67 and 77mm)
14 sony batteries
lens clothes
alcohol wipes
Sensei air blower
Cotton Carrier chest harness, shoulder strap attachment and holster
Clik Elite chest harness
All memory cards 1TB worth
Pelican memory card case
lens coats x 2
multi tool
USB Battery bricks x 3
– iphone and USB power cables
Senheizer MKE400 lav mic
Pelican 1510 case
Computer Equipment
Macbook Pro
Power cord
SSD externals x 2 (for LR and PP)
4tb thunderbolt external for 2nd copy of images
Card reader
USB-C to USB A adapters x 2
USB-C to Thunderbolt 2 adapter
Sony battery charger
Travel Gear
$100 emergency cash
Image of passport and credit cards on phone
Travel clothes
Travel toilery kit
Cold medicine
iphone charger x 2
Joby gorilla pod (for vlogging)

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