2021 Gear List

2021 is about to get wild! I’ve got multiple photo/content trips all across North America coming up the next 6 months. Below is my base gear list that I use for planning of all my photo/content trips.


Food/Calories per day. 3,200 cal/day on summer hunts. 3,800 cal/day on winter hunts.
Honey Stinger Waffle160
Honey Stinger Waffle160
Honey Stinger Waffle160
Probar Meal Superfruit350
Nature Valley Peanut Butter Bar170
Trail Mix800
Black Rifle Instant Coffee10
Clif Shot Energy Gel100
Clif Shot Energy Bloks200
Freeze Dried Gastro Gnome Dinner790
Beef Jerky300
***When possible, supplement with fresh food: fruit, bagels/cream cheese


-Mystery Ranch 6500 for 5+ day backpack hunts
-Mystery Ranch Metcalf for 2-5 day backpack hunts
-Mystery Ranch Popup 18 for archery antelope hunts
-Sitka Apex pack for archery elk day hunts
Rain Fly
2x waistbelt pockets (1 for food, 1 for headlamp)
-2 Man Black Diamond Bibler I-Tent for winter hunts.
-1.5 man hilleberg Niak or 1 man Enan for fall hunts
-1 man hilleberg Enan for summer hunts OR Helium Bivy
-Seek Outside Cimmaron UL Dyneema for cold weather, stove hunts
Sponge for wiping out condensation
Emergency Kit:
-ZOLEO Satellite Texting Device
-Compression Wrap
-Quik Clot clotting sponge
-CAT Tourniquete
-SOL Emergency Bivy
-Water treatment tablets
Fenix HL60R Headlamp
-Extra battery
Peax Equipment Trekking Pole
Sitka Sleeping Bag – Kelvin Aerolight 30
-granite gear compression sack
Thermarest Neoair pad
Thermarest Camp Pillow
3 section foam butt pad for cold/wet hunts
3L Osprey Hydration Reservior
1L Platypus Water Bottle
1.5 liter Nalgene
6L Dromedary Bag if needing to pack extra water
Titanium Mug
LONG Titanium Spork
Toiletry Kit
Wet wipes
MSR Wind Burner stove
MSR Hyper Flow Waterfilter
Water purification tablets
Bear Spray and FHF or Mystery Ranch Holster


Late season system. 0 to 25 degree F:
Sitka Large Logo Beanie
Sitka Stormfront Jacket and pants
Sitka Stormfront Gaiters
NO NORMAL PANTS – Rain pants w/long underwear underneath
Sitka Kelvin Active Hoody
Sitka Core lightweight Hoody
Sitka Core Heavy weight hoody
Sitka Blizzard Mitts w/extra liners
Sitka Stormfront GTX Gloves
Sitka Ascent Gloves
Sitka cap
2x – Fits Socks
2x – Sitka Merino Lightweight Underwear
Sitka Core Lightweight bottom
Sitka Kelvin Down WS Hoody
Sitka Kelvin Lite Pants
Sitka Neck Gaiter
Western Mountaineering Down tent booties
Mid season system. 25-50 degrees F:
Sitka Merino Beanie
Sitka Dewpoint Jacket and Pants
Sitka Stormfront Gaiters
Apex Pants for archery, Timberline for Rifle
Sitka Kelvin Active Hoody
Sitka Core Lighrweight Hoody
Sitka Core Heavyweight Hoody
Sitka Blizzard Mitts
Sitka Ascent Gloves
Sitka Cap
2x – Fits Socks
2x – Sitka Merino Lightweight Underwear
Sitka Core Lightweight bottom
Sitka Kelvin Down WS Hoody
Sitka Kelvin Lite Pants
Western Mountaineering Down tent booties
Early season system. 50-90 degrees F:
Sitka Dewpoint Jacket and Pants
Sitka Stormfront Gaiters
Apex Pants for archery, Ascent for open country HOT weather
Sitka Kelvin Active Hoody
Sitka Core Lighrweight Hoody
Sitka Core Heavyweight Hoody
Sitka Ascent Gloves
Sitka Cap
2x – Fits Socks
2x – Sitka Merino Lightweight Underwear
Sitka Core Lightweight bottom


Sony a7riii Body (primary)
Sony a7siii Body (primary)
Sony a7riii Body (backup, leave at basecamp)
dual USB sony battery charger
Micro usb charging cable for charging sony batteries in camera
Sony 70-200 F2.8 G Master Lens
Sony 16-35 f/2.8 G Master Lens
Zeiss Batis 18mm f/2.8
Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1.8
Sigma 14mm f/1.8 ART Lens
Sony 50mm f/1.8
Sony 90mm f/2.8 Macro
1.5 Sony batteries/day (10 days = 15 batteries)
1 TB of memory cards
-SD UHS-II Extreme
-CF Express A
DJI Mavic Air Drone where legal and applicable (with 3x batteries, charger, ND filter)
-updated DJI app on iPhone
Go Pro Hero 6 with mounts, charged and extra battery
Swarovski 95mm Spotting Scope
Sirui Tripod w/ball head
Circular Polarizing filters
ND Filters
Sennheiser MKE 400 shotgun mic
– 1 extra AAA battery
Lens Coats
2x Battery Bricks
2x – iphone charging cable
Micro usb charging cable
12V Wall plug
International Power inverter for certain countries
Cleaning Kit:
-zeiss wipes
-lens pen
-2x lens clothes (put one in pants pocket)
Cotton Carrier Camera Harness System:
-Strap Shot mounted to shoulder strap on backpack
-2x hand straps
-2x universal baseplate adapters
-2x 10 degree hubs
Allen Key for tightening screws
Peak Designs neck strap
Leatherman Squirt Multi Tool


La Sportiva Spantik Boots for extreme cold
Schnees Timberline for Fall
Schnees Kenstrel for Summer/Fall
Inov8 trail runners warm weather archery hunts
Inov8 trail runners (for travel)
Sitka Stormfront Gaiters
Kahtoola Micro Spikes for late season icy hunts
CAMP Crampons for late season icy hunts
Northern Lites Snow Shoes for late season, deep snow conditions
Crocs for creek crossings and drying feet out on summer hunts
Wiggy Waders for creek crossings


Yeti Tocayo Computer Bag – Carry on
Pelican AIR 1535 for camera gear – carry on
Sitka Drifter Duffle 110L – checked bag
Sitka Drifter Duffle 110L – checked bag
Sitka TTW Travel Wear


Noise Cancelling Headphones w/adapter for lightening cable
Regular headphones w/adapter for lightening cable
iphone charging cable
battery brick
travel toiletry kit
travel pillow


Mac Book Pro
Backup 2TB SSD
SD/Micro SD/CF Express A Card Reader for USB-C
backup SD/Micro/CF Express A Card Reader for USB-C
Computer Cooling Fan
Head phones


Bow – Mathews V3
Backup bow – Mathews VXR
Soft Bow Case
string wax
allen key set
dial in sight tape
Arrows – 2 dozen
Extra Releases (red back tension and silverback)
Bow Hook
Blue archery tackle box
Extra D Loop Material
Broadheads, expandables and extra field points
-Slick Trick 100 gr.
-Grim Reaper 100 gr.
-Field points 100 gr.
-vaseline for heads
Rangefinder – Leupold rx Full Draw
Spare Battery
Rifle – Tikka t3x superlite SS 7mm Rem Mag
Atlas Bipod
Rugged Ridge Outdoors Back Shooting Rest
Montana Gun Sling Installed on Pack
Tourque Wrench
40 total bullets (11 in my pack)
Sitka Bino Harness
bino adapter for tripod
predator call
Apex Pack
Safari Sneakers
Scent Killer
Field Wipes
Hunting Tags in Bino Harness zippered pocket
Download onX for specific areas when offline
Game bags
8×10 dyneema tarp for laying quarters onto
Outdoor Edge Replaceable Blade knife
Paracord for haning meat bags
garbage bags
flagging tape
SD Card reader for checking trail cameras (where legal)
Blaze Orange vest and hat
lighter in bino harness
calls in bino harness


Hitch Hauler
Roof Rack on
Extra Titan straps
Locks for Hitch Hauler
Tighten Turn Buckles
Propane tanks full
2X helinox chairs
extra tripod
charged battery jumper block
Extra Fuses for camper
Computer Cooling Fan
Ball for Pelt
$ in truck incase I forget my wallet
Truck phone charger
Truck usb charger
spare keys
dried meals in the camper
Restock paper towels and cutlery
spotting scope window mount
tow rope
lots of tie down ratchet straps
12V cigarette lighter air compressor
Hide A Key


Yeti Camp Mug x 2
Wet wipes
Sleeping Bag
2x pillows
Toiletry Kit
Axe for chopping fire wood
Small hand saw for cutting fire wood
Helinox camp chairs – 2
Yeti drink ware – 2
2x Yeti 105 Coolers – 1 for food, 1 for deer/elk/dry goods
Cookware and Cutlery for 2
Medium Pot w/Lid
Cast Iron Pan
Big spoon
Mixing bowl
Hot pads
Can Opener
Paper plates and bowls, plastic silverware.
Small pot for boiling water
small container of camp soap
Paper Towels
Trash bags
4 and 6 gallon water containers – Filled
1 gallon yeti water container – full
12V Inverter for powering devices with car battery, incase camper dies
cutting board
Lagun camper table


Trim nails before going
Copy of Passport
Global Entry Card
Copy of Global Entry Card
Add Global Entry info to airline website
Letters of intent from sponsoring brand for help getting across boarder
Travel Plan for border crossing
Covid Vaccine Information for border crossing
Contact info for who i’m hunting with (hunters, guide, and outfitter) Sometimes need this info at international border crossings.
Copy of film/photo permit
Glasses Case
2x – iphone charging cable
business cards
Travel toiletry kit
Extra travel clothes
Large deodorant in luggage
garbage bags in luggage for dirty clothes
Travel Food
Format all memory cards pre-trip
Charge batteries
free up space on Iphone
tighten baseplates, cotton carrier plates, tripod legs
clean camera/spotting scope
clean camera sensors
let banks know I’m traveling
out of office email response
$100 in local currency
tape all battery terminals for TSA requirements
Put out trash at house
Lock up house
Turn down thermastat
mosquito head net
Blister Prevention stuff for boots – My Medic Super Skin
gorrilla tape on trekking pole and tripod
KT Tape for Back

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